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  • ianrogers196 - Possibly the best performing website in Middlesbrough!

Since my last post on SEO the performance of has gone from strength to strength. I use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to check the websites performance, it allows me to see which search terms the website appears for, how it ranks for each of these terms and how many people visit the website.

In the last week, according to Google Search Console, the website has ranked 1st or 2nd, for ten different search terms that we want to rank for. It's 10 weeks since the last post on SEO and the website now appears in a third more searches, which has resulted in 60% more clicks!

If your website isn't producing the results that you want you need to spend time optimising it, there are plenty of tips, webinars and short courses online to help you do this, or you can employ someone like me! I can do a free audit and if you employee me I'll work on your website to improve it's performance. I won't get it to rank in the top positions immediately and depending on the competition that could be an impossible aim, but over time I guarantee to improve the performance and get you more business!

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