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Does Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Work?

Updated: May 13, 2021

In November I launched a new website, with a new domain name for A Carling Plastering Services. I verified it with Google and set up Google Search Console to track its performance, but as a brand new website it started on page 7 or 8 of search results!

After 6 months of work (tweaking), I think we've cracked it! Andy's website is on page one and should be averaging a top three position by the weekend.

You might wonder why this matters? It is estimated that 75% of clicks to websites are from the 1st page of search results, if you want to generate business from your website you need to get onto page one. However, to really make things happen you want it to be in the top three, ideally number one!

These are the estimated clicks by percentage:

Position 1 - 33%

Position 2 - 15%

Position 3 - 9%

You can see Position 1 gets more than double the clicks of Position 2 and 3 times as many as position 3. It's not always realistic to get to the top of page one, especially if you are competing against much bigger companies with much bigger budgets, but if you're competing against local businesses, some time spent on SEO could eventually reap massive benefits.

Google Search Console allows you to see the search terms, that prompt Google to display your website in search results. Armed with that information, you can make adjustments the text, tags and meta descriptions to improve its ranking.

Unfortunately, these tweaks (on page SEO) is only part of the solution, there's off page SEO that will need you attention too! This involves building links to your website from other websites. You can do this by registering with directories, like Yell, Thomson Local, Cylex etc and linking it to your Google My Business or Bing Business accounts. Links from any trade organisations are especially good, as search engines see these as giving authority to your website.

Longer term look to get other businesses or blogs to link to your website, any articles that you can get published about your business with a web link, will help too.

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