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How much should you spend on marketing?

Whether it's a new website, a Google Ads, social media or printing some fliers, there is only so much money a business can afford to spend on advertising. It is difficult to know where to start, which will generate the most sales?

Until you've tried you probably won't know the answer and it isn't the same answer for every business. Is your market local, regional, country wide or international? Who are your customers, individuals, small businesses, large enterprises, public sector or large corporations? Are they old or young, rich or poor; there are many variables and it is important that you know who you are targeting.

Knowing who your customers/potential customers are is the vital first step in deciding a marketing strategy, it will determine the type of marketing that you choose, as well as the language you use and design of your advertising.

Once you understand who your customers are then you can decide on the best advertising medium and start thinking about how much to spend. With all advertising the important measure is how much business this will generate, the all important return on investment!

If you're investing in a website, it needs to be easy to navigate, so your customer can find what they're looking for and how to buy your product or service. It needs to be written in the appropriate language, a solicitor and a bar owner will use completely different language and images in their websites.

The bigger your website the more traffic it is likely to generate but it will also cost more to build and maintain. And it isn't all about the volume of traffic that your website gets, it's about the quality, getting the right people to your website at the right time (when they are ready to buy!).

Don't let the person running your website say that your getting loads of traffic, that's the easy bit, you need to know how they engage with your website, how long did they stay, what pages did they visit, which pages attract the most visitors? If the visitors don't stay or visit several pages then they're not interested!

The same applies to Google Ads and social media, I can drive you loads of traffic but your budget may be spent before you get one person who was remotely interested in what you do or sell. I previously worked in travel and we employed a freelancer who had worked in travel to run our Ads campaign. However, he didn't really understand our business, which meant he was driving vast numbers of people, who would never travel with us and our advertising budget was swallowed up with few results; so few relevant customers that this campaign started off running at a loss and that's before we included his fees!

Then if you're using an agency, they will often ask you to spend more on, special promotions etc which all ads up. As the business owner you need to keep in mind the return on your investment, if your advertising isn't bringing in the business to justify it, then change it or cancel it.

Because I've seen this from the business perspective and I'm not a pushy salesman, I'll lead you through the process of building a website or marketing campaign, I'll make sure I understand your business and who your target customers are and I'm happy to explain results in plain English, so that you understand the results that we're achieving.

If you want to discuss any digital marketing with me please get in touch.

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