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Supporting small businesses

Helping others in these difficult times.

I recently attended a Wix ecommerce webinar, where a few of the attendees mentioned that they weren't happy with their websites, being the kind sole that I am, I offered to help out.

Bernadette runs her own craft business and had been struggling to get her online shop up and running. Now I've not been asked to make an ecommerce site before, but I thought it a great opportunity to get some hands on experience, it certainly beats watching tutorials!

Once my offer to help had been accepted, I set up a test website, added a shop template and downloaded the inventory template. Unfortunately, the template doesn't come with instructions! It took a bit of trial and error, each time I corrected the errors that were reported, when uploading to the website, more errors popped up!

However, it didn't take too long to crack it and get a basic shop set up, it just needs a bit of tweaking in terms of layout and content to make sure my customer is happy. Now that I've done it once, it wouldn't take long to create another.

At the same webinar I also reached out to Dee, who is an architect/interior designer with her own consultancy. I spent almost an hour on the phone to her talking about how she could improve her website. At the end of the call Dee complimented me on the clear explanations that I had given and we agreed to keep in touch as she tweaks her website.

The overall layout is ok but the text needs improving, although she writes quite passionately about what she does, the Home page lacked clarity regarding the services on offer, which would probably result in people leaving her website rather than start hunting for what they were looking for. The text hadn't been written with SEO in mind as there was almost no use of relevant keywords.

I spent some time doing keyword research for Dee from which she's selected 7 or 8 to incorporate into her website and meta description, which should not only help to drive more traffic to her website. When looking for keywords, we've concentrated on those that will drive relevant traffic and the terms more likely to lead to lead to conversions, quality over quantity.

I'll continue to support Dee as she makes changes to her website, it will take her time, as it does for most sole traders, this has to be fitted around the day job!

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