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The Power of the Blog

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Why should you add a blog to your website.

This morning I got really excited when my Wix app pinged to let me know the first commercial website, that I built and manage, had got it's first enquiry, having been live for less than 3 months!

Yes, I'm a fairly new freelancer, but the buzz from knowing that what you've done produces results, is a great feeling, especially when this has been without doing ANY advertising. The owner called me to say that he thinks it's the first lead he's ever had from his website! All of his work is with existing clients or by referral, the website has been there to show a presence, rather than to generate leads.

The companies previous website had been built 8 or 10 years ago and wasn't responsive, meaning that it didn't display very well on mobile devices. I built them a responsive website and added a blog, where we included information about the projects that the business has worked on.

The inquiry that came through asks for someone, who worked on a specific project, to get in touch, as they are looking at developing the site next door! What a result!

A blog is a great way to showcase what you've done, add hints or tips and improve your websites ranking. Google likes to see fresh, relevant content and a blog is a quick and easy way to do this. I've worked in travel and know of companies who ranked higher in searches, than the companies who specialised in specific holiday types, because they stuffed their blogs with keywords! I'm not suggesting that you should do this but it shows what bigger companies do to try and dominate search results.

For most of us it's just an easy way to add fresh content, showcase what we do and maybe cover topics related to our business, which hopefully attract clicks and then encourage people to explore our website.

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