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What makes a good website?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

A good website needs to be responsive, so that it looks as good on mobile devices as it does on laptops and tablets. It needs good quality images and engaging, informative text and it needs regular updates; this can be achieved by having a blog, rather than having to rewrite you web pages! But most importantly it has to be found by and 'liked' by search engines.

Google accounts for approximately 88% of searches, so what Google says goes! They continue to refine their search algorithms, but essentially they are looking for the best match to a customers search query, websites that they see as 'knowledgeable' or 'experts'.

To help to drive traffic from Google searches you need to have a well designed website, good quality content and it needs to be kept up to date, preferably with new content.

Adding a blog to your website is a great way to add new content, that can be informative and educational or to promote a product/service. It might sound like a lot of work but you can share blog posts across your social media.

Designing a good website isn't just about how it looks, it needs a good structure for Google's bots to navigate, it's important to use titles and headers correctly, to help the search engine understand what each page is about. You need to use 'keywords' in your text (more about this in the next blog), add tags to all your images to help search engines and lastly you need to add meta descriptions to your pages, again this can help........ search engines!

Even when your website is finished and it's gone public, it cannot be neglected! To get it to rank well in search results makes a massive difference to the number of visitors you can expect to get. Getting on to the first page of search results is a challenge in itself, but getting to the top three spots is the 'holy grail', as these spots account for a massive 65% of all clicks!

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen overnight, but the more that you learn about the search terms customers use to find your business, the more you can tweak your site to get more of them. It's likely to take months for a new website to rank well in search results; what you want to see is a month on month improvement, in your ranking position and you will notice the increase in enquiries or sales as this happens.

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