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When a plan comes together!

Do you have a website that is underperforming? Are you paying large fees but not getting the


I recently took on a client who was paying a very high monthly fee, to the company that built his website, however, it wasn't generating any business. They said, 'it's getting loads of traffic and it ranks well in search results', but that means nothing if the visitors aren't buying!

All though it ticked all the boxes for a website to perform well, the contact page was awful, and it was too focused on a single town (for a company that works all over the region!). Some of the text is weird, there's a certain amount of 'keyword stuffing' that makes for unnatural, awkward paragraphs and then there are others that they've used a strange choice of words and phrased.

Overall, some of the text is hard to read and will need rewriting to sound more natural and with a bit more of a marketing focus, after all you want people to buy your service.

When my client contacted me, I carried out a FREE review and sent him my comments, he had similar comment from another company but went with me as I manage another website for someone he knows, and I won't keep trying to sell him expensive extras!

Two weeks in and I was pleasantly surprised to get an email saying:

I've had 3 enquiries this week alone, whilst using xxxxxxx I was getting nothing.

There's still a lot of work to do meta tags check, text to rewrite and the mobile site to address as it is so slow, but I couldn't have wished for a better start to this new client relationship.

Call me on 07814875280 for a FREE website review or email

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