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Here are a few of the recent projects that I've been working on:

Old website

erimus b4.png

New website

erimus .jpg

Erimus Cleaners

For a number of years Erimus Cleaners has been using a London based agency for their website, but it was old and it didn't showcase their business, neither did it rank very highly in search results.

It is well known that most searches are now carried out on mobile devices, but because their website wasn't responsive, it didn't display well on a mobile phone and neither did it have a call button for mobile users.

The new website has been designed to showcase all of the services that Erimus offers, it's responsive and  there's now a call button for mobile users. I've also added a blog where you can find more information, about wedding dress preservation and other specialist cleaning services.

a carling.png

When he first started his business, Andy (owner of A Carling Plastering Services) listed his business on Yell and was persuaded to let them build him a website.

It was a very basic two-page website but still cost him around £150 to build plus £40 per month to host it. After 12 months he didn't see the value and cancelled his subscription, this meant that the website disappeared, but Yell maintained a link from his advert to his defunct website!

After talking to Andy, I set about designing a website to showcase the work that he's done, you can see the quality of his work on his projects page and the amazing feedback from his customers.

The website showcases the services that he offers, customer reviews, I've have added the all important 'call button' and linked the website to his social media.

It's a relatively new website but already his average search position on Google puts him on the first page of results, with a bit more SEO work we'll get him towards the top of the page, hopefully to number one!

Old website

solution:positive old website.png

New website

solution:positive new website.png

Like Erimus Cleaners, the Solution:Positive website was old and because it wasn't responsive, it didn't display very well on a mobile device.


Working with the Director I've designed a website to showcase the services that the company offers and the projects that they have worked on.


Because the company gets it's work from existing contacts or word of mouth, they see the design of the website in a different way to most businesses. It needs to look professional but it is seen as an information point, rather than to attract more business. 


With that in mind the call button has been omitted and at the Director's request, the telephone number only appears in the footer rather than the header.

However, there is one service that the company would like to expand, the intention, initially, is to expand on the text within the existing 'utility infrastructure' page and to focus our SEO on that one service, although building a dedicated website has not been ruled out.

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