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SEO Cycle

Search Engine Optimization



Good ethical Search Engine Optimisation ensures that your webpages:

  • Rank higher in search results

  • Drive more relevant traffic to your website

  • Make you more money!


If you feel your website is under performing and want to know how to make your website perform better, then get in touch. I will work with you to improve where it ranks in search results and help your business grow.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?


It's about understanding how customers search for businesses like yours and making sure the text and structure of your website is optimised, in a way to help as many potential customers as possible find you.

That doesn't mean getting thousands of visitors, only a few of which might be looking for your product or services but getting as many people as possible, who are interested, to your website.

Basically it's to generate quality website visitors rather than quantity.

Having a structured process to search engine optimization means that:

  • No details will be missed,

  • All changes are recorded,

  • We can both see how your search results improve over time

  • I can share the progress with you

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The First Steps to Good SEO

Keyword Research

Probably the most important part of any SEO campaign.

Keywords are the words or phrases that customers use to search for your business.

I will carry out extensive keyword research to find the most effective terms for you to use.

Off-Page SEO

This referes to link building, a link is a mention of your website in an online directory or another website.

Good quality links help to build the authority of your brand and increase your websites visability.

Monthly Reports

I will report to you on a regular basis, so that you are aware of the work that is being undertaken and the progress that is being made.

I GUARANTEE to drive more traffic to your website and generate you more revenue!

Website Audit

I start with a detailed audit of  your website.

This is essential to  help me to understand your page content and how your website is structured.

Competitor Analysis

I will take a look at your competition, to see who you are competing with.

I then analyse the keywords that they are using and where you rank against them, this helps to build a stronger campaign.

On-Page SEO

Just as it sounds, this process involves making changes to the pages of your website, tweaking and optimising them to get the best results.

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