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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I see it as 'the art of getting the most from your website'!

It is understanding what search engines look for and using that knowledge to get your website as far up the search results as possible. You might not move the major websites from top spot on page one of the results, but even getting onto page one takes effort. Research shows that the top three spots on page one are the 'holy grail', as these account for nearly 2/3rds of all website traffic!

So what can SEO do for you? My FREE audit will look at how your website and each page is set up, how you have (or haven't) used keywords to best effect and compare you to your competition.

Google wants its users of to have the best experience, they aim to send people making a search to the most relevant website possible, but they are always looking for quality. Website that appear authoritative, experts in their field do best, as long as they also give a good user experience. The website must be load quickly, be responsive to mobiles and tablets and be easy to navigate.

If your website is old you might need a new one, but even without investing in a new website there is plenty you can do. Discover the search terms/keywords that people use to find your website, you can start from there. Your page names should be relevant, each page needs headers, the content needs to be good quality and relevant, all images need tagging and good meta tags are a must, with all these optimized you can go a long way.

There is no guarantee that for competitive keywords that you can rank on page one, but it is easier to achieve for local businesses, where a place name forms part of the search term, such as 'plumber in Middlesbrough'.

Improving your website's ranking in search results takes time and effort, you may need to re-write some of your content or create more, but with effort any website can be improved.

Contact me for a free audit, I'm happy to help!

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