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Why do some agencies take their clients for granted?

Coming from a customer service background and having managed businesses, I'm shocked at the way some agencies treat their clients. I've written before about Yell constantly trying to get more money from their clients but they're not the only ones. I'm beginning to think this is how many in the industry operate.

I recently audited an expensive website, several thousands of pounds worth, as the owner wasn't

seeing any results. In some respects, it ticked the boxed for 'how to build a good website' but there were several problems. The client works across the region, but it was focused on his hometown. It listed a service that he doesn't offer!

And the more I dug into in the worse it got. The language used didn't suit his target audience, there were sentences that didn't make any sense and some absolute howlers: Curb appeal instead of kerb appeal and property impurities instead of property imperfections. Clearly this website hadn't been proofread by someone who knew what they were doing.

On top of the fee to build the website they were then charging well over £500 per month to manage the website, yet when I looked many of the tasks in the SEO software hadn't been actioned and there were many errors reported that needed action too.

It feels like they were happy to take the money, make out that it wasn't that much (well it is for a small business!) and try to sell additional services, as if he wasn't paying enough already. One service started at £2,000, but when the salesman 'asked his boss' it miraculously dropped to £1,000 and when he didn't take them up on the offer, he was called a few days later with a 'special offer' price of £500! Does this feel like a bargain or like you're being conned?

I know how hard it is to run a business and that for many, every penny counts. That's why I'll work with your budget, I'm clear about the work that I'll do and what it will cost. I won't push you for additional services, although I might make suggestions if I think I can help you make more money.

Contact me today for a free website audit.

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